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Compact, lie down tanning units for Sunderland

All Ace Sunbed & Leisure Sales & Hire sunbeds utilise advanced tanning technology, superb design and high quality engineering. Lie down sunbeds provide you with the most relaxing tanning experience possible and you can choose from a wide variety of colours, sizes and strengths.

Optimised for full-body tanning performance

The perfect tunnel shape of our lie down units ensures the tubes are positioned close to the body for optimal tanning performance with every session. Units come with built-in cooling systems to prolong tube-life.

Tube replacements available

You might not need to buy a whole new sunbed. We can help re-tube your sunbed with 100 to 250 watt replacement lamps. All you have to do is contact us and we will deliver and install your tubes for FREE.

Stretch out, relax and emerge with a dark, radiant skin colour that will help make you feel great about yourself any time of the year

Get in touch and start tanning

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