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Stand up service for stand up tanning units in Sunderland

Vertical tanning units provide an even, all-around colour for your skin and couldn't be easier to use. Slip inside the tanning booth and enjoy easy access and breakdown capabilities for full flexibility. We offer a wide range of new and used vertical sunbeds for you to choose from and you won't believe some of the deals available.

Product specifications

With a hinged door for easy access, the whole unit takes up less than 1 metre on the floor. It can also be dismantled in less than 2 minutes if you want it out of the way for visitors. This is a discreet, user-friendly way to tan.

Choose your strength

Vertical units from Ace Sunbed & Leisure Sales & Hire come in a variety of strengths. Choose from 160 watts to 250 watts depending on how quick you want your sessions to be or contact us today for more options.

Ace Sunbed & Leisure Sales & Hire are standing by with a massive range of upright tanning units ready for delivery

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