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A huge range of sunbeds for sale and hire

in Sunderland

Have you been looking for a sunbed dealer with a comprehensive selection of top-tier tanning beds and related products? Ace Sunbed & Leisure Sales & Hire offers you a superb sunbed selection with excellent value for serious results. Contact us today for free friendly advice.

Want to look amazing at the next big occasion?

Choose from our 'stand up' and 'lie down' sunbed units and start developing a dark, sun kissed glow that will turn heads next time you go out. Looking great all year has never been easier or more affordable.

All types of sunbed models available

You choose from 30 different types of sunbed models available for hire.  We have luxury uPVC curved canopies, 25% stronger double units with or without side tubes, and home vertical units with or without the door.

Our amazing range includes:

- Different size and colour options available

- Lie down or stand up units

- Boosters, changing pods, integrated speakers and cooling systems

Looking tanned and beautiful all year long has never been easier or more affordable. Get in touch today

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